How do I set my shop up for success?

General Settings

Customize your general settings to manage key details about your shop, including Company Info, Logo, Vehicle Settings, Fees & Rates, and Document Headers & Footers. Configuring this information will also ensure that the appropriate tax and labor rates are used for your estimates and that your shop's information is shown properly in quotes and invoices.

Pricing Matrix

Pricing matrices enable you to automatically set your parts markup and margin percentages by cost ranges, so you can maximize your profit while saving time.

The pricing matrix calculates the retail price of an item by taking the cost of an item and then marking up or adding a margin (whichever approach you prefer) based on your defined matrix ranges.

Labor Matrix

Labor matrices enable you to automatically set your labor markup so you can maximize your profit without the hassle of manually adjusting your rates or hours.

Adding Users

Add your Technicians, Admins, and Service Writers to Shopmonkey.

Canned Services

Canned services are a powerful time-saver, as they provide templates for frequently added service items. These saved templates are a grouping of parts, labor, and other line items. Canned Services can be added to estimates as-is or easily modified as needed, serving as an efficient way to add commonly-used services quickly and easily to estimates.

Taxes Set-Up

Set tax rates, tax exemptions, and view how these look on estimates and invoices.

Shopmonkey Payments

Shopmonkey Payments is a fully integrated credit and debit card processing solution within the Shopmonkey platform, allowing you to charge customers in-person and online while avoiding reconciliation nightmares. Your customers can pay their invoices online, saving you time and enabling them to pay from the comfort of their own homes or workplace.

Integrations with Shopmonkey

Integrating Shopmonkey with other tools will help you save time and energy, allowing you to give more time to your customers!

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Set your shop up for success by learning some Shopmonkey Basics.

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