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Getting Started: Integrations with Shopmonkey
Getting Started: Integrations with Shopmonkey

Save time in your shop by integrating accounting, vehicle lookup, and parts procurement tools with Shopmonkey

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What platforms does Shopmonkey integrate with?

Integrating Shopmonkey with other tools will help you save time and energy, allowing you to give more time to your customers! We currently have integrations with QuickBooks Online and CARFAX. Shopmonkey also provides methods for customizable integrations using Webhooks and API.

For tire and parts procurement, Shopmonkey integrates with PartsTech.

Quickbooks Online

Automatically sync invoices created in Shopmonkey to your QuickBooks account, removing the need for manual double entry. Your customer list and inventory items can also be imported from QuickBooks to Shopmonkey to help get your shop configured.

Note: Quickbooks integration is included in Shopmonkey Clever level subscriptions and above, but you will also need a QuickBooks Online subscription.


Quickly search a vehicle by license plate, view service history, and record completed services for that vehicle. This powerful feature can help you truly understand what's been done to the vehicle, what's been recalled, and what services you can sell to your customer.

Webhooks and API

Add customizable integrations and improve efficiency in your shop by using webhooks. Taking the time to learn about webhooks and integrate them into your shop can improve customer experience, save time, and provide better customization with the way you use Shopmonkey.

Parts Procurement

Browse and compare parts prices and availability from local suppliers with PartsTech.

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