User Roles & Permissions

Create new user roles, set permissions for that user type, and assign user roles to users in your shop

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Create unlimited custom user roles for your shop. User roles are the foundation for assigning user permissions. Changes to permissions are not available on the user level. Changes must be made in User Roles.

Create User Roles in Your Shop

Click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Select User Roles under the Account section on the left-hand side.

User roles settings page

Select + New Role to open up the New User Role menu.

Add a new user role to your shop

Add the new User Role and a brief description of the role. Select Next.

Add user role name and description

Customize the permissions for the new user role. Permissions selected will apply to all users assigned to this User Role. Select Create.

Select permissions to create this user role

Deactivate a User Role

When you toggle a User Role to be inactive, you will be prompted to reassign any users currently assigned to that User Role. Select a different User Role from the dropdown to reassign user permissions.

Reassign user roles for a deactivated user role

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