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Save common services, packages, and special offers to save time and track which are the most popular and profitable services

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What is a Canned Service?

Canned services are a powerful time-saver, as they provide templates for frequently added service items. These saved templates are a grouping of parts, labor, and other line items. Canned Services can be added to estimates as-is or easily modified as needed, serving as an efficient way to add commonly used services quickly and easily to estimates.

Create a Canned Service

Select the Lists icon on the left-side navigation. Select Canned Services.

Canned Services List page

Select + New Canned Service to create a new canned service.

Add a new canned service button

Fill out the New Canned Service information.

New Canned Service menu


Any notes that you add here will be visible to the customer. We recommend using this space to describe the service and why you’re recommending it to your customer.


Create categories to organize your canned services to help you find them faster in the future.


Set this canned service as Recommended. These services are not included in the estimate total when sent to the customer. Recommended services allow your customers to choose whether they would like the service performed or not.

Lump Sum

Toggle Lump Sum on to change the way the service is displayed on an estimate and invoice for your customer. When the lump sum toggle is turned on, your customer will only see the service’s total amount. Individual line items like labor, parts, tires, subcontracts, and fees will be hidden, and only the total of the line items will be displayed.

Service Details

Add service details including:

  • Service Title

  • Additional Notes

  • Line items: Labor, parts, tires, subcontracts, and fees

Review service details and cost on the right-hand side of the New Canned Service Menu. Select Save to add the canned service to your shop.

New Canned Service cost and total

Create a Canned Service From an Estimate

If you’ve already built out a service in an estimate and decide you’d like to save it as a canned service, simply select the … ellipsis on the top, right of the service and select Save as Canned Service.

Save a service as a canned service in the ellipsis dropdown and select save as canned service

Once saved, you’ll be able to find and manage this canned service on your Canned Services Lists page.

Add a Canned Service to an Estimate

To add a canned service to an estimate, select the Canned Services button from within the estimate.

Add a canned service to an estimate

From here, search to find the canned service and select + Add Service.

Select Add Service next to the canned service

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