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Manage customers, vehicles, vendors, fleets, inspection templates, canned services, and line item categories in your shop

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View and manage data on customers, vehicles, vendors, fleets, inspection templates, canned services, and line item categories on your Lists page.

Select the Lists icon from the left-side navigation to view your lists.



Add new customers and view customer information and service history.

Select Customers to view your shop’s customer list.

Customer List page


Add new vehicles, assign vehicles to customers, and view vehicle service history.

Select Vehicles to view your shop’s vehicle list.

Vehicle List page


Add new vendors and view vendor information and the assigned contact person(s).

Select Vendors to view your shop’s vendor list.

Vendors List page


Add new fleets and view fleet information.

Select Fleets to view your shop’s customer list.

Fleets List page

Inspection Templates

Create and manage inspection templates to save time on future digital vehicle inspections.

Select Inspection Templates to view your shop’s inspection templates list.

Inspection Templates List page

Canned Services

Create and save regularly used services as canned services to quickly add to estimates in the future.

Select Canned Services to view your shop’s canned services list.

Categorize canned services on your lists page to efficiently find what you’re looking for.

Select + New Category to add a new category.

Canned Services categories

To add a canned service to a category, select the ... ellipsis on the service, Edit, then the Add + icon in the Categories section at the top of the Edit Canned Service menu.

add category to a canned service

Line Item Categories

Track your products and services more efficiently using line item categories and sub-categories.

Select Line Item Categories to view the list.

Add sub-categories for more organization in your shop.

Select the ... ellipsis on the category you'd like to add a sub-category to.

Select + Add Sub-Category, give your sub-category a name, and click Save.

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