Line Item Categories

Use line item categories and sub-categories to track the products and services in your shop more efficiently

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Inventory items, tires, labor, and fees can all be assigned to a line item category. Using line item categories can help you stay organized in your shop.

Create a Line Item Category

Select the Lists icon from the left-side navigation bar. Select Line Item Categories.

Line Item Categories navigation

Select + New Category.

Line Item Categories List page

Name the new category and select Save.

add a new category on the Line Item Categories List page

Create a Line Item Sub-Category

There are two ways to create a sub-category.

One way is to select the … ellipsis on a category and select + Add Sub-Category.

add subcategory from the ellipsis on a category

The other way is to select + New Category, name the sub-category, toggle on Sub-Category, and select the Parent Category. Select Save.

add a new subcategory on the Line Item Categories List page

Assign an Item to a Line Item Category

When creating or editing a part, tire, labor, or fee, you can assign it to a category and/or sub-category.

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