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How do I use Inventory Categories in Shopmonkey?
How do I use Inventory Categories in Shopmonkey?
Create categories and subcategories to organize your inventory in Shopmonkey
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With inventory categories you can organize your inventory into both categories and sub-categories, allowing you to manage two levels of categorization and apply it to any type of inventory item.

To create a new category, navigate to Lists > Inventory Categories, and click + Add Category:

Enter the name of the category, and click Save. Now that your category is created, you can create a sub-category and add it to your new category, making it a "parent" category. To create a sub-category, click the ellipsis button to the far-right of your parent company and click Add Sub-Category:

Enter a name for the sub-category and click Save. The sub-category will now be listed, with its gray text signifying the parent category it belongs to:

Assigning a category to an inventory item

When creating or editing an inventory part, tire, labor, or fee, you can assign it to a category or sub-category. Click into your categories to find more sub-categories, then click on a category to select it, or use the search bar to find the category or sub-category that you’re looking for.

Inventory reports

Analyze data related to inventory categories moving through your shop with the Summary by Catagories report. For more information on this report, check out our help article.

Try it out

Now you can start organizing your inventory with categories.Try it out in your shop!

We hope this helps you run, understand, and grow your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way!

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