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Add Vehicles from Any Page

To add a vehicle from any page in Shopmonkey, select the + (Add Button) in the top, right corner.

Select Customer & Vehicle and then Add Vehicle.

Enter Vin or Year/Make/Model to search for a vehicle. License Plate Lookup is available by activating Carfax for your shop. Genius Monkey tier has the ability to enter a vehicle's license plate, VIN, or Year/Make/Model directly into the search field to decode. Clever Monkey and Basic Monkey tiers have the ability to decode the vehicle by entering its VIN to find the Year/Make/Model.

Add new vehicle and search vehicle by year, make, and model to open up the New Vehicle menu

Please Note: You can also select add a vehicle manually to open up the New Vehicle menu and fill out vehicle information manually.

Fill out the information in the New Vehicle menu before saving it to your shop. Click Save.

New vehicle menu

Pro-Tip: Add a Customer from the same New Customer & Vehicle menu at the same time to create an estimate with both the new customer and the new vehicle. This will automatically assign the customer as the owner of the vehicle.

New Customer & vehicle menu to create an estimate

Additional Ways to Link Vehicles to a Customer

To link a new vehicle to a customer, you have a few options.

  1. Create an estimate. Add the new vehicle from within the estimate. When you add a new vehicle to an estimate, the vehicle will be linked to the new or existing customer added to that estimate.

  2. You can always navigate to the Vehicle List page, search for the vehicle, and update the owner.

Prevent Duplicate Vehicles

When creating a new vehicle, if the license plate, VIN, or Year/Make/Model you enter matches that of an existing vehicle, a prompt will indicate that a customer vehicle match was found.

Vehicle customer match found when adding a new vehicle

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