What is a Canned Service?

Canned services are a powerful time-saver, as they provide templates for frequently added service items. These saved templates are a grouping of parts, labor, and other line items. Canned Services can be added to estimates as-is or easily modified as needed, serving as an efficient way to add commonly-used services quickly and easily to estimates.

Creating Canned Services

To create a canned service, simply build out a service (or use Labor and Parts Lookup), and then once completed click the ellipsis button and click Save as Canned Service. This will save the service as a canned service for future use.

Adding Canned Services to an estimate

To add a canned service to an estimate, click anywhere on the Search all services bar from within the Services tab on an estimate. From there, start typing the name of the service in the Search bar to quickly find and add it to your estimate. 

Note: Canned services are always available to search and create, even if you are not using labor lookup or have not yet specified a vehicle.

Managing Canned Services

To manage your canned services, navigate to Lists > Canned Services:

This page allows you to search and view all of your services, create and edit categories, as well as create, edit, and delete services. Clicking on a canned service will bring you to the Edit Canned Service page, where in addition to modifying the canned service, you can add categories to assist in filtering and locating the service:

Reporting on your Canned Services

One of the benefits of utilizing canned services on estimates is being able to report on them. Go to Reports > Canned Service Summary to see a list of all canned services sold in the selected time range. This summary highlights the number sold so you can see your most popular services and packages, and also the total profit so you can understand which are the most profitable services. Click into the name of a service to drill down and see the related details for each time the package was sold.

Now you know the ins-and-outs of canned services. Any questions? Let us know!

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