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Add customers and customer data to your shop

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Add Customers from Any Page

To add a customer from any page in Shopmonkey, select the + (Add Button) in the top, right corner.

Select Customer & Vehicle and then Add Customer.

Add new customer using the Add Button from any page in Shopmonkey

New Customer Menu

Add customer information in the New Customer menu.

New customer menu

Add customer info such as:

  • Preferred contact method

  • Referral source

  • Company and fleet information (if applicable)

  • Special Fees & Rates for this individual customer

Click Save to add the customer to your shop. Check out our help center article on Customer Info & Preferences to learn more.

Pro-Tip: Use Tags to organize customer types in your shop, such as New Customers, Friends & Family, etc. Tags are fully customizable so you can make them work for your shop.

Add Tags to customer

Import Customers

Import customers on the Customer List page. Check out our help article Import Shop Data with Import Templates to learn more about importing a customer list.

Prevent Duplicate Customers

When creating a new customer, if the first and last name, email address, or phone number you enter matches that of an existing customer, a prompt will indicate that the customer may already exist.

Customer match found when creating a new customer

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