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Vehicle Parts & Labor Lookup

Link a vehicle to Labor and Parts Lookup to access OEM part prices and labor hours

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Parts & Labor Lookup helps you quickly find the OEM labor hours and parts prices for a given service. Add services directly to an estimate using this lookup capability.

To look up parts & labor for a specific vehicle, you will need to have the vehicle added to your shop and have an estimate created for the vehicle. Check out our article Add Vehicles to learn more about adding vehicles to your shop.

The added vehicle must also be linked to use parts & labor lookup. When a vehicle is unlinked, you will see a Vehicle unliked prompt on the right-side panel on the Vehicle tab. This can happen if you manually add the vehicle’s information, rather than adding it by VIN, year/make/model, or license plate. Link the vehicle to MOTOR to see service guides, suggestions, and vehicle specs.

Vehicle unlinked

Please Note: We partner with MOTOR for Parts & Labor Lookup. As a general rule, you will see information for vehicles that were manufactured from 1990-present and cost less than $150,000 and/or have annual production in the U.S. market greater than 1,500 units. Exceptions to the rule are occasionally made at MOTOR's discretion.

Parts & Labor Lookup

From within an estimate, select the Search Services dropdown. Select Service Guides. If you don’t see the Service Guides button, please double-check that you have a linked vehicle added to the estimate.

search services service guides

On the Service Guide tab of the Services menu, view related OEM services, hours, and prices unique to the assigned vehicle. Search all service guides or select a category to manually search for a service.

Hover over the information icon to view detailed information about the service.

Information icon for detailed information on a service

Select + Add Service to add the entire service (including any labor and/or parts included in the service). Select + Add Labor or + Add Part to only add that line item to the estimate.

Add the service, labor, and/or part to an estimate

After added to the estimate, you can optionally edit the service information, add and remove line items, or save it as a canned service.

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