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How do I use Diagrams & Procedures?
How do I use Diagrams & Procedures?

Activate Diagrams & Procedures to access vehicle specifications, wiring diagrams, procedures, and more

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Diagrams & Procedures is available to Genius Monkey subscribers that have added this feature to their subscription.

Diagrams & Procedures gives you the ability to view comprehensive technical specifications for various operations of the vehicle you are servicing. All users can reference this information, including technicians, to become informed about the service.

Accessing Diagrams & Procedures

Note: Diagrams & Procedures is only accessible in an order if a vehicle is linked. A vehicle is considered linked when it has been looked up either by VIN, year/make/model, or license plate. Click here for more information on vehicle lookup and to use Diagrams & Procedures without starting an estimate, see our standalone Services & Diagrams article here.

From within an estimate, click anywhere in the Search all services bar:

Click on any of the operations categories listed at the bottom of the page to access the services pertaining to the linked vehicle. You will see a Diagrams & Procedures icon to the left of each Add Service button:

Clicking on a service's Diagrams & Procedures icon opens up the following overlay. From here you can view all applicable Components & Diagrams, Specs, Procedures, Wiring, and Bulletins:

You can also view a service's Diagrams & Procedures page from within an estimate. After adding a service using the Search all services lookup, you will see a Diagrams & Procedures button above the service:

This allows you to reference the service's Diagrams & Procedures right from your estimate.

Subscribing to Diagrams & Procedures

To add this feature set to your subscription, go to Settings > Billing and click Activate next to the Diagrams and Procedures area. 

Note: If you are not yet subscribed to the Genius tier, you will need to upgrade as part of activating Diagrams and Procedures.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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