Each individual service can be authorized by your customers, giving them the ability to approve or decline at the service level rather than the entire estimate. By offering authorization for each service, you have the opportunity to upsell additional work by suggesting Recommended Services that your customers can authorize as well.

How to authorize services

Authorization by the customer

When you are ready to send an estimate to your customer for authorization, the Request Authorization toggle is turned on by default in the Send Estimate menu:

Then when your customer receives the estimate, they will be able to review and authorize the services. They can click on the empty circle next to a service to add it to the services they will be authorizing:

Your customer can click View Details on any service to view the line items and any other applicable information (taxes, shop supplies, discounts, etc.). When they are ready to authorize the selected services, they will click on Review and Authorize at the bottom of the estimate:

If there were any services that were not authorized, they will be deemed as declined. Your customer can view their declined services and authorize them at a later time by clicking View, clicking on the declined services they would like to now authorize, then clicking Review & Authorize:

If at any time you would like to preview how this process will look from your customer's point of view, simply click Customer Estimate Preview from the Send Estimate menu:

Authorization by the shop

You can also handle the authorization process from the shop's perspective. This is helpful if the customer is physically in the shop, or if they gave authorization via phone, text, or email.

If this is the case, you can authorize each service by clicking on the Authorize icon at the top of any service:

Or by clicking Authorize from the Authorization section of the estimate:

From the Authorize Services menu you can then authorize or decline each service, then specify how the customer gave their authorizations by clicking on the appropriate method. Note that the order total and the number of authorized services will change in real-time as authorizations are made:

You will then see the authorization statuses of the services reflected on the estimate. You will also see these statuses displayed when a customer authorizes or declines services from their end:

Please note that once a service has been authorized, you will not be able to make any changes to it without unauthorizing it first. If at any time you would like to change the authorizations, click View Authorizations in the Authorization section of the estimate, then click Change Authorizations:

How to recommend services

If you would like to recommend additional services to your customer, you can deem a service as Recommended by clicking the “R” icon at the top of the service. You will then see the "R" badge appear green, signifying that the service is a Recommended Service:

Recommended Services will not be included in the estimate total by default, but they will be added to the total if your customer authorizes them. Your customer will see Recommended Services distinguished from other services when viewing their estimate on both digital and printed versions:

Customers can authorize your Recommended Service just like they would their other services, giving you the ability to easily suggest additional work and your customers the ability to easily add those services to their estimate.

How to upsell previously declined services

When building a new estimate, you will see recent deferred services related to the associated customer and/or vehicle:

Services with an authorization status of Declined, services included in an archived estimate, or Recommended services on invoices will be displayed here. Simply click Add Now to immediately add the fully-defined service to the estimate. Click View All or + "_" more to view all associated deferred services:

In addition, you can browse the full list of associated deferred services from the customer page or from the vehicle page via the Deferred tab, and add them to a new estimate from there:

With previously declined or archived services being conveniently available and effortless to add to new estimates, you can easily encourage your customers to include them as additional services.

Thank you so much for reading! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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