How do I use Subcontracts?

Learn how to create a Subcontract to customize estimates and invoices with fees, markups, taxes, and more

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Subcontracts can be anything you need, with an emphasis on flexibility. Some examples are fees, markups, notes, taxes, deductibles, or anything else that is unique to your shop and location. 

Note that if you have common customized subcontracts that you plan on using frequently, make sure to save them as Canned Services so you can easily add them to any estimate.

How to add a Subcontract

Start by adding a service and then click Add Subcontract:

You can customize the subcontract's line item description, price, discount, and you can add labels. Here's a few examples:

Subcontract fields

Click on the subcontract to open the Enter Subcontract Information box, where you can save information in fields such as:

Vendor: For you to search for or save a new vendor associated with the subcontract.
Cost: The cost of the subcontract to you and your shop.
Retail Price: The retail cost of the subcontract to your customers.
Markup: For you to markup the Retail Price based on the Cost: 

  • For example, if Cost is $10.00, using a Markup of 50% will result in a Retail Price of $15.00

Margin:  For you to calculate Retail Price based on Margin: 

  • For example, if Cost is $10, using a Margin of 50% will result in a Retail Price of $20.

Discount:  Discounts can be a percentage or $ amount.  
Quickbooks Item Reference: Identify the intended field when mapping between Shopmonkey and QuickBooks Online for Products/Services.

Subcontract toggles

Should this be taxed?:  Enable this toggle to exempt the subcontract from taxes. There will then be no taxes calculated on this subcontract.
Display note on estimate & invoice:  Enable this toggle to display the subcontract on estimates & invoices.  Disabling this toggle will hide the subcontract.

Note: subcontracts can be tracked in various reports. The Sales Summary,
All Invoices, Paid Invoices, Unpaid Invoices, All Estimates, and Profitability reports all contain subcontract information.

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