Add Tags to an Order

Create custom tags to categorize work orders and help keep your shop organized

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Create a Tag on a Work Order

From the Workflow page, select + Add on any workflow card to create or add a custom tag.

Select Add button on a workflow card to add a tag

Select + New Tag. Name your tag and select a tag color. Check Save tag for reuse to save it for use on future work orders.

Create a tag and save it for reuse

Pro-Tip: Shops often use tags to indicate deadlines, customer types, and shop-specific workflow indicators. Check out Best Practices: Use Tags to Improve Your Workflow to view some creative ways other shops use tags to streamline their workflow.

Tags for Customers, Services, and More

Be on the lookout for + Add or + to add tags to your work orders and work order details.

Tags can also be added to specific line items of the estimate including:

  • Parts

  • Labor

  • Subcontracts

  • Fees

  • Tires

Add tags to a work order line item

Add tags to your customers and vehicles for even more effective shop organization and communication.

Add tags to a customer

Filter Workflow by Tags

Filter the Workflow page by work order tags. Select Filter and choose your filter selections in the Tags section.

Filter workflow by tags

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