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Add Subcontracts to an Order
Add Subcontracts to an Order

Create a subcontract line item on estimates and invoices to add fees, markups, taxes, and other needs for your shop

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Subcontracts are flexible and can be used for anything your shop needs. Shops often use subcontracts on orders for fees, markups, notes, taxes, and deductibles. You can use it for anything else that is unique to your shop and location!

If you have customized subcontracts that you plan on using frequently in your shop, make sure to save them as canned services so you can easily add them to estimates.

Add a Subcontract Line Item

Once you add a service to an estimate, select Sub from the line item types on a service.

Add line items to your service

Select the subcontract line item and enter the subcontract information including description, tags, vendor, line item category, cost, retail price, markup, margin, and discount.

Subcontract line item on an estimate

Subcontract line item information right side panel

Select whether or not the subcontract line item is taxable and if it should be visible on estimates and invoices.

Subcontract line item toggles on right side panel

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