How to add a service to an estimate:

Services are the building blocks of an estimate. Add services quickly by using
labor and parts lookup or canned services, or build out a job from scratch, line by line.

Within an estimate, click + New Service to create a new service:

A service is made up of line items related to parts, labor, tires, subcontracts, or fees.

To add a service item, click Add Part, Labor, Tire, Subcontract, or Fee:

The service name, notes, and line item fields can be renamed and edited as needed. You can also add a status label to any service item:

How to save a canned service:

Services can be saved as canned services for easy reuse in the future. This will save you a lot of time for services you sell frequently, or for building out packages you offer.

After building out the service you want to save, click Ellipsis > Save as Canned Service:

How to add a canned service to an estimate:

To add a canned service, from within an estimate click anywhere on the
Search all services bar, then click on the Canned tab at the top to view all of your canned services. Once you have found the service you want, click Add Service to add the entire service to the estimate, or check any specific line items you want to add:

Note: you will see a Search canned services bar in your estimate if you have not added a linked vehicle to the estimate. For more information on linking a vehicle, click here.

How to remove a service from an estimate:

On a service, click Ellipsis > Remove. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Note that once a service is deleted, it cannot be undone:

Tip: If you would prefer to keep a service on an estimate, but exclude it from the estimate total and hide it from the customer estimate and invoice, click the toggle for Hide from customer & totals.

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