There are many locations throughout Shopmonkey where you can create and add labels. These labels are used to customize your shop, display information quickly, and filter some reports.

Add and create labels

You can add labels in many locations. On orders, you click the Add + button, and in other areas, you will click the plus button in the Labels column or Status column. Whether you click on the Add + button or plus button, you’ll see the label window open.

Create a label

From the label window, type in the name of the label you want to create, next choose the color, then click Create Label to add it. To be able to use that label in the future, make sure you click the check box for “Save label for reuse.”

Add a label

From the label window, click on a saved label in the list to add it. You can also start typing, and Shopmonkey will automatically start filtering your labels as you type, then click on the label to add it.

Filter by label

On the Workflow page and some reports, you can filter by label. By adding the filter, your view will change to show only order information with that specific label color. Note: The information will not filter for the specific label name. All orders with that label color will show in the filter. So if VIP and Sensitive Customer both use the red color for the label, orders for both labels will show when filtered by the red label color.

Try it out

With Shopmonkey, you easily create labels to customize your shop and show the information you’re looking for quickly. Try it out in your shop!

We hope this helps you run, understand, and grow your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way!

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