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How do I use E-signatures in Shopmonkey?
How do I use E-signatures in Shopmonkey?
Add your customer’s electronic signature to your work orders as authorizations and have them saved if you need them.
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With Shopmonkey’s E-signatures features, you’ll be able to collect digital signatures when authorizing services. This will give your customers a quick and easy way to give their approval, and it will give your shop a record of authorizations with signatures. If you’re interested in adding this feature, head to your Billing Page or reach out to our amazing support team.

Send for Signature

To send an estimate out for authorization and signature, click the send button. From the window that opens you’ll see your normal options available when sending estimates. From this window, you’ll also notice the option to Request E-signatures. When that option is toggled on, the customer will be able to add their signature to authorizations. You can also turn the toggle off if you don’t want to request a signature for authorization. If you’re new to authorizations, check out our help article, and if you’d like more information on sending estimates, check out this help article.

E-signatures Settings

You’ll be able to customize how often the Request E-signatures option is turned on by default when sending estimates. To find this setting go to Settings > General Settings > E-signatures Settings. This will give you two options to select from. Only one option can be selected at a time, and when you toggle on one of the options, it will automatically toggle off the other.

  • Request E-signatures on first estimate authorization - When this is toggled on, the first estimate sent for authorization will have E-signatures enabled by default. If the estimate needs to be sent over again, the E-signatures request will be toggled off by default.

  • Request E-signatures on all estimate authorizations - When this is toggled on, each time an estimate authorization is requested from a customer the E-signatures option will be enabled by default.

  • Both off - If both options are toggled off, sending estimates will never request signatures by default. You will have to choose to enable signatures each time you send an authorization.

How to Sign

When the customer has selected the services they would like to authorize and clicks Sign & Authorize, the signature window will appear. From here, they can draw their signature or type in their signature. For more information on authorizing services check out our help article.

  • Drawn Signature - Use a mouse or touch screen to draw any signature in the signature area.

  • Typed Signature - Type a name to represent the signature.

The customer must agree to the E-signatures Consent and the Estimate Terms to authorize services using E-signatures.

When the customer is done signing and authorizing they will be able to review the signed document and print by clicking the View PDF button.

Where to See Signatures

If you ever need to review an electronically signed service you’ll be able to do that directly from the order.

  • Print - Print an estimate to review any signatures. Click Print to see authorization signatures alongside all of the other order information. You’ll also be able to review any past authorizations and signatures.

  • Order Activity - In the order activity, you’ll see when services have been authorized. By clicking View PDF, you’ll see the same information as the printout.

Estimate Changes

If you ever make changes to an estimate, Shopmonkey will update the documentation accordingly. If the price of the estimate exceeds the amount the customer approves, it will be indicated on the order, and the signature will be removed and moved to the Past Authorization section. If the price of the estimate decreases, no change will be made to the signed document.

If you would like to get a new signature after any change, just reset the authorization status and resend for signature with the steps mentioned earlier in the article.

That’s it for E-signatures. Now it’s time to try it out for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you’d like to get it activated, or if you have any questions. Thanks for checking out the article!

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