Deposits allow you to collect what you need before starting a service. You can manually record payments that have been taken in your shop, or request an amount that you set and easily collect it using online payments.

Manually Record Deposit

To record a deposit that was collected in your shop click the New Payment button on the order. The full amount for the order will appear as the amount but you can click on the amount and change it to the deposit amount.

Choose the method of payment for the deposit and even add a note to record the transaction was for a deposit. The remaining amount will be what is due when the service is complete.

Electronically with Shopmonkey Payments

Collecting payments electronically is a feature of Shopmonkey Payments. If you haven’t enabled the feature yet check out our help article to learn more.

To start collecting a deposit, send an estimate to the customer. Turn on the Collect Payment option by flipping the toggle. When the Collect Payment option is turned on, the Requested Amount field will appear.

The amount of the full order will be entered into the Requested Amount, but you can change the amount by clicking into the field and typing the new amount. This new amount will be the deposit amount requested.

When the customer reviews the order, they can see the full cost of all services, but only the amount requested will show as the Amount to Pay.

When the customer clicks Pay, the requested amount will show, and they can easily complete the payment, but they can also change the amount they want to pay by clicking in the amount field and typing in a new amount.

When the amount is collected and applied to the Grand total of the order, the remaining amount is the new total that the customer owes when the service is complete.

Note that deposit payments collected from the estimate will be synced over to QuickBooks and recorded without the order being invoiced. The payment will appear in 'undeposited funds'. After invoicing, the payment will appear in the list of payments applied to the invoice.

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