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Edit or Refund a Posted Payment
Edit or Refund a Posted Payment

Modify or refund a payment after it has already been paid or recorded

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To edit the information of a posted payment, or to refund the payment entirely, select the Payments & Transactions section on the right-side panel of the invoice.

Payments section on right side panel of invoice

Edit Payment

Select the payment you want to edit.

To edit, select the … ellipsis and select Edit. Make any necessary changes and select Update.

edit payment amount gif

Refund Payment

Select the payment you want to refund.

To refund the payment, select the Record Refund. Enter in Refund details and select Refund.

refund payment gif

Please Note: Recording the refund in Shopmonkey is for record-keeping only. It is your responsibility to ensure that the refund is properly processed.

Refund Payment with Shopmonkey Payments

If you have Shopmonkey Payments set up, you can refund payments made via card reader or online charge. These customers can expect to see funds in their account within approximately 5-10 days.

Please Note: When processing a refund for a Canadian debit card, the card must be physically present, and the process requires the use of a card reader. Refunds for Canadian debit cards will not automatically process without taking these steps.

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