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Create Statements & Record Bulk Payments
Create Statements & Record Bulk Payments

Create a statement and record payments for multiple invoices at once for both customers and fleets

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Create a Statement

Find the customer or fleet that you’d like to create a statement for on the lists page or by using global search.

On the customer or fleet page, view the customer’s remaining balance. Select the Remaining Balance dropdown to view the breakdown of the amount due and the amount overdue by the customer.

remaining balance of a customer

Select Create Statement to generate a statement to collect payment on multiple invoices at once.

create statement

The statement date range will default to the last month. To change this, select Filters. Choose your preferred filters and select which orders you want to include on the statement. Select Save.

add orders to a statement

Once you’ve created the statement, you can Record Payment, Print the statement, or Send the statement to the customer.

statement details

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