Reserve Parts

Mark parts as reserved to know which are available for customers and which are already committed to an order

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Reserving inventory parts can help your shop stay organized and avoid running low on inventory when using the same part on more than one order. Marking a part as reserved on an order will set it aside so that it isn’t used for other orders or customers.

Reserve a Part

For an Entire Order

From within an estimate, select the Inventory Reservations tab on the right-side panel. Select Reserve Inventory.

Inventory reservations tab

Select Reserve All to reserve all inventory items on the order.

reserve all items on an order

To reserve individual items from the order, select Reserve next to the item. When more items are reserved than available, an attention icon will appear, letting you know you may need to order parts.

reserve items on an order gif

The parts will now have reserved status tags. When more items are reserved than available, the tag will be red with an attention icon.

line item reserve tags

For a Part Line Item

Select an inventory part line item and select Reserve. The reserve status tag will be updated.

reserve a single part line item

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