Reserve parts on orders in situations when you have the same part on more than one estimate and only one part on the shelf. You can set aside the part for the first customer that calls back, so there’s no confusion on which order the part is for and which customer needs to wait for parts.

Reserve a Part


To reserve parts for a specific estimate, first, open the estimate. Then in the right side menu, you’ll see the Inventory Reservation section. Click Reserve Inventory to bring up a new window to reserve the parts. In this window, you’ll see all of the parts on the estimate with their descriptions, authorization status, the amount available, and the amount needed. Click Reserve on the specific item to reserve that item. When you’ve selected all of the parts you want to reserve, click the Reserve button. To quickly reserve all parts, click the Reserve All button at the top.

Part Line Item

To reserve a single part on an estimate, click on the Services tab and the line item you want to reserve. In the part information in the right-side panel, find the Inventory section. From here, you’ll see how many parts are available and can click Reserve Now to reserve the part for this service.

Reservation Shortage

If you try to reserve a part that is not available, you’ll get a message warning you of the low availability and that continuing will create a shortage. You can continue to reserve the part by clicking Reserve, or Cancel to prevent creating a shortage.

Reserved Part Status

When the part is reserved, you’ll see the status change from Not Reserved to Reserved. When a part is reserved, and there is a shortage, the Reserved status will be a different color with an icon indicating there may be a shortage.

Release Parts

Releasing reserved parts makes them available for other customers again. To release a reserved part, follow the same steps to reserve a part, but select Release instead.


To find a list of your reserved parts, just go to your inventory page. On inventory list of inventory, you’ll see columns that represent the Available, Reserved, On Estimate, and On Hand quantities.

  • Available: This number shows the amount of the inventory item you have left after all reservations. This is On Hand minus the number of reserved parts.

  • Reserved: This number shows the amount of parts that are reserved on estimates. These have been set aside specifically for those estimates.

  • On Estimates: This number shows the amount of parts that are added to estimates. These have not been reserved.

  • On Hand: This number shows the total quantity of the specific part in your inventory. Think of it as the total number of parts you have in your shop.

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