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How do I create an Appointment?
How do I create an Appointment?
Quickly create Appointments either from scratch or using previous customer information
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Appointments in Shopmonkey let you keep all of the information you need on the calendar. You’ll have quick access to customer info, vehicle info, order info, and the assigned Technicians. Appointments will also send out a confirmation to your customer and remind them of their appointment time in your shop. For more information on the Shopmonkey Calendar, check out our help article.

Create a new appointment

There are a few ways to create a new appointment. No matter where you’re at in Shopmonkey, there will be a quick way to make an appointment.

You can create a new appointment from the plus icon at the top of any page. Just click the plus icon > Appointment.

You can also create a new appointment from the Calendar Page. From the Calendar Page, click New Appointment. For more information on the Shopmonkey Calendar check out our help article.

The easiest way to create an appointment is creating it from an order in Shopmonkey. Creating an appointment from an order will automatically enter in the important information you’ve already collected saving you time.

Building an appointment

When creating an appointment you’ll see a new window appear with all of the appointment information that can be added.

Appointment Info

From the New Appointment menu, select the date and time, select a color, add any notes, and give it a name. Creating your appointment from an order will automatically create a name including the customer name and vehicle.

Recurring appointments

You have the option to have an appointment repeat if you want to have recurring services for a customer. To set up recurring appointments, click on the checkbox next to Repeat underneath the appointment date. Then, you can set how often the appointment repeats by adjusting the number of days, weeks, months, or years. Click Add End to set how many times the appointment is created before it stops repeating, or decide on what date the recurring appointments should stop.


A quick way to enter appointment information is from the search bar. Search for a customer, vehicle, an estimate or invoice, to quickly add that information to the appointment. Just click on the information in the search results to add it to the appointment.

Order button

The Order button will let you create a brand new estimate for the appointment. After clicking the button a message will let you know that creating an order will take you directly to the new estimate.

Customer & Vehicle

The Customer & Vehicle button will walk you through adding a new customer and vehicle into Shopmonkey. After completing the customer and vehicle info they will be added to the appointment and saved in Shopmonkey for future reference.

Assign Tech

You can assign a Tech to the appointment using the button at the bottom. This will allow you to filter your calendar by technician and let your Techs know what’s on their calendar. For more information on assigning techs check out our help article.

Confirmations & reminders

If you have your customer's phone number and email address, then you can send them an appointment Confirmation and an appointment Reminder via email and/or SMS. It will used their preferred contact method and primary contact info from their customer details. For more information on preferred contacts and primary contact information check out our help article.

Click anywhere in the Send Confirmation or Send Reminder sections to preview and edit the appointment Confirmation and Reminder messages for your customers.

You can customize the subject and body of the message, and can even select a message template to automatically populate these fields. You can manage your message templates by clicking Manage. For more information on managing templates check out our help article on messaging.

Send Confirmation: When this toggle is on, a confirmation is sent to your customer either when you click the Create button or when you create a new order from your appointment and click Create & Go.

Send Reminder: When this toggle is on, along with an appointment reminder message being sent, there will be an option for the customer to confirm or cancel the appointment directly from the message they receive. Click Edit to set how often a reminder will be sent to your customer.

Reminder Response

Once your customer responds to the reminder, the Calendar appointment shows a green checkmark, signifying that it is confirmed. If a customer cancels an appointment, the Calendar appointment shows a red cancel icon.

Calendar Page

All of your appointments will be added to your calendar in Shopmonkey. From here you can quickly view different months, find specific appointments, review appointment info, and filter to find the appointments you’re looking for. For more information on the Calendar Page check out our help article.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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