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Calendar Filters & View Options
Calendar Filters & View Options

View and filter your calendar by color and technician to get a view of a technician’s appointments and schedule

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Calendar View Options

Select the calendar icon on the left-side navigation to open the calendar page.

Select calendar icon to navigate to calendar page

Open the Calendar View Options column on the right side of the calendar page.

View Options icon on the Calendar Page

Group By Tech

Toggle on Group By Tech to change the calendar view to organize by technician.

Change calendar view to Group by Tech

Appointment Colors

Color by Appointment

Filter the calendar view by the appointment color you selected when scheduling the appointment. Use these colors to organize by service type, customer type, or any other organization system that works for your shop.

Calendar Page with Color by Appointment selected

Color by Technician

Filter the calendar view by technician color.

Calendar Page with Color by Tech selected

Color by Both Appointment & Technician

Filter the calendar view by both appointment and technician color for a comprehensive view.

Calendar Page with Color by Both selected

View by Technician

Select specific Technicians to view their schedule. Select one, many, or all technicians for a customizable view.

View specific technician calendar appointments on the calendar page

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