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How do I track Core Charges?
How do I track Core Charges?
Add a Core Charge to a part and keep track of its status with labels, including Ready, Picked Up, Refunded, and more
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Core Charges in Shopmonkey allows you to let your shop know which parts have a core that needs to be returned and allows you to track the status of the Core Charge as it goes through the return process.

Add a Core Charge

Service Writer View

To add a Core Charge, open an estimate then go to the Services tab and click on the part you’d like to add the Core Charge to. From the side panel, find the Core Charges section and click add. Update the price of the core in the Core Amount field.

With the Core Charge added you’ll see the label appear on the part. Hovering over the label will display the price of the core and status.

Technician View

With the Core Charge added the technician will see the core label on the part.

Core Charge Status

Service Writer View

The Core Charge status indicates which stage the Core Charge is in for the return process. Click on the part and in the Core Charges section you’ll see the Return Status dropdown. The statuses you can choose from are Not Ready to Return, Ready to Return, Picked Up, Refunded, and Not Refundable.

Each status has its own symbol and corresponding color. The label color will match the status and hovering over the label will display its status.

Technician View

The Core Charge statuses are simplified for the Technician View. There are only two Core Charge statuses. The Core Charge will start as Not Ready and the label will be yellow. To update the Core Charge status click the part and go to the Core Charge section. From there you can change the status from Not Ready to Ready. This will update the status for everyone in your shop and switch the label.

Core Returns List

You can find a list of all Core Charges on the Purchasing Page > Core Returns tab. This will display all Core Charges for your shop. You can use the filters to show only the Core Charges you want to see.

From the list, you can quickly see the Order, Part Description, Part Number, Vendor, Charge, Date Updated, and Status. Clicking Order will take you to the Order. Clicking on Vendor will open the Vendors page. Clicking on Updated will show you a list of Core Charge updates. And Clicking on Status will allow you to update the status of the Core Charge from the list.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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