The following information will walk you through the setup process of creating a PartsTech account, and will explain how parts can be searched for and ordered directly from Shopmonkey.

Creating a PartsTech account

1. Setting up a free PartsTech account

Sign up here to create a free PartsTech account.

The registration only takes a few minutes. Besides basic registration information, one of the main steps is selecting parts suppliers.

2. Selecting your Parts Suppliers

You must select suppliers before you will be able to buy parts with PartsTech.

The search for suppliers will be limited to a 25 mile radius of your shop. Choose any applicable supplier by clicking on the (+) button.

This will prompt you for your corresponding account information to confirm orders through this supplier:

Connecting Shopmonkey with PartsTech

Once you have your account created, the next step is to connect it to Shopmonkey. To do this, you will need your account credentials, which is your username and

API key.

Your PartsTech API key can be found in PartsTech by going to

My Account > API, or click this link to the PartsTech API Credentials page:

Enter your account credentials in Shopmonkey by navigating to the
Settings > Parts Procurement page:

Then click Connect to connect your accounts to Shopmonkey and enter the required information:

  • The field "Username" is your PartsTech account username.

  • The field "API Key" is the unique API key for your account.

Once you have entered your information, click Connect to complete the integration. You are now ready to start procuring parts within the context of your Shopmonkey estimates.

Procuring Parts for an Estimate

When viewing the details of a given estimate, you will see the Parts Procurement tab as an option. Click on this tab, and then click Go to PartsTech to start the part ordering process:

After clicking Go to PartsTech, you will be taken to the PartsTech page. From there, you can find the parts you are looking to order for the selected vehicle. Simply click the Add To Cart button next to the part you want to order, and then click Submit Quote to add your part(s) to your Parts Procurement tab in Shopmonkey, and to be taken back to your estimate:

Ready to place order

Once your parts are added to your Parts Procurement tab, you can click Modify Order if any changes are necessary, Check Availability to confirm that the parts are still available, and Place Order when ready to purchase.

Note that the submitted parts are by default associated with the first service on the estimate. You can drag and drop a part from one service to another within the estimate, or you can change the service association right from the Parts Procurement tab, which reflects back on the Estimate > Services tab:

Thanks for reading! Check out a related article covering vehicle labor and parts lookup here. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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