Purchase Orders allow you to monitor parts that you have ordered. View at a glance the delivery stage your order is in and whether or not the PO has been fulfilled, and with the Vendor Summary report, gain an understanding of your monthly parts cost and how much you are spending with each vendor.

How to create a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders are housed in your inventory and can be created in different ways. 

From anywhere in Shopmonkey, click the ➕button towards the top-right of the page and then click Purchase Order:

Alternatively, you can go to the Inventory page, click the Purchase Orders tab, then click ➕Create New at the top-right of the page:

How to build and edit a Purchase Order

Within a PO, click on the Add a vendor and Add an order drop-down menus to associate the applicable vendor and order number. The PO number and Invoice numbers are editable. Just click on either number and make the desired updates.

Click Add Part and enter the part's information. In the Part Name field, you can type the part number or part description of a saved inventory part, which will search across your inventory for that specific part to make reordering easy. Parts added this way will be indicated as Inventory Parts and will be connected to that part in your inventory.

Any other parts added to a PO will be labeled as Non-Inventory Parts. Non-Inventory Parts won’t be updated in inventory when they are received but can be added to Inventory Parts by clicking on the Plus Icon, entering the part information, and clicking Save.

Once you are done adding the desired parts and have filled out the necessary information, you're all set! You can print or save the PO as a PDF by clicking Print, and can close the PO by clicking Done.

You can open the PO and make updates to help keep track of its status. Simply click on the desired PO from the Purchase Orders tab to make changes.

As your parts are received, you can update the quantities in the PO or click All if they come in at the same time. The status of the PO will be changed to Received and any quantities of Inventory Parts will be updated in your inventory. When all of the parts in the PO are received the status for the order will automatically be set to Fulfilled.

Click on the status drop-down menu of the PO and click on the appropriate status to manually set it. Clicking History next to the status drop-down will show you a record of the PO's statuses and the dates they were changed:

Linking a Purchase Order to an estimate or invoice

Purchase Orders that are associated with orders will be listed in the right-side panel of the order. In addition, you can create a purchase order directly from the order itself.

To link an existing or new PO from within an order, click Add in the Purchase Orders section:

Then click Create new Purchase Order to create a brand new PO to link to, or begin typing the PO Number or Vendor of an existing PO and add it from the search results:

Likewise, when an order is added to a PO, the link seen from within the order will be created.

Vendor Summary reporting

You can track the monthly costs spent on purchase orders and see a breakdown of your purchases by vendor by viewing the Reports > Vendor Summary report. Data from all purchase orders with the Fulfilled status will be displayed on this report.

Additionally, from the Lists > Vendors page, you can view and create POs by vendor:

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