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Best Practices: Be Prepared for Disputed Charges
Best Practices: Be Prepared for Disputed Charges

We recommend taking the following precautionary measures in case a customer files a dispute

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There may come a time when a customer files a dispute on an amount they've been charged at your shop. If this were to happen, and you believe the dispute is false and incorrect, here are a few best practices we recommend following that may help you win the dispute.

  • Customer Signatures

  • Customer Authorization

  • Photos & Videos

Get Customer Signatures

When your customer physically or electronically signs a copy of the estimate or invoice, it is evidence to add to your shop’s defense when fighting a dispute. A signed estimate shows the price the customer agreed to pay before the work is performed. A signed invoice can act as a receipt acknowledging that the customer has willingly paid the amount listed.

electronic signature gif

You may choose to print an estimate or invoice to receive a physical signature from the customer. If you have E-Signatures enabled at your shop, you may request an e-signature on estimates and invoices.

Print estimate or invoice

Request Customer Authorization

Request customer authorization on an estimate before performing the services to document customer consent. If a customer is claiming that they never agreed to the services they’ve paid for, you have this to refer to prove that the customer authorized the services on the estimate to be performed.

Share Estimate menu with request authorization toggled on

Take Photos & Videos

Upload photos when performing an inspection to document the condition of the vehicle when it enters the shop. Performing an inspection as part of the check-out process is also a great way to document the condition of the vehicle when it leaves the shop. Have documentation and photographic evidence of the vehicle’s condition before and after services are performed can help protect your shop.

Select the image button on an inspection to choose a file to upload. Compatible file types include jpeg, png, PDF, and mp4, limited to a file size of 50.0 MB.

Select a file to upload to each inspection item

Share the vehicle inspection results with a customer to receive a customer acknowledgment of the vehicle’s condition.

To do this, select the Share icon at the top of the inspection.

Select the share icon to send the inspection

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