The Work Request Form allows your customers to request services for their vehicle straight from your website, and the information they submit will carry over to a newly created estimate in Shopmonkey. You can customize the entry fields on your Work Request Form, giving you control over what information you receive from your customers.

How to customize your Work Request Form

Go to Settings > Work Request Forms.

On the Work Request Forms page, the Configuration menu is where you can customize your form:

Set each field to either be Required, Optional, or Hidden from your customers. You will see your changes reflected immediately in the Preview window:

Tip: To test your work request form, click the Send Request button right from the Preview to send the Work Request to your shop. 

  • What your customers see after submitting the form, which is confirmation the work request has been sent.

  • What you see once a customer submits a work request, which is a notification that a work request was submitted.

  • The Work Request is translated into an estimate with the customer and vehicle information for you.

Note: an email will also be generated anytime a Work Request Form is sent. The email will be sent to all Admin type users. The email will show the customer information, vehicle information, and description entered by the customer, as well as a link to the estimate generated.

How to add the Work Request Form to my website

At the top of the Work Request Forms page is the Usage section, where you'll find the Full Page Form URL and the Embedded Form Code Snippet code:

To add a link to your Work Request Form on your website, click the Copy URL button to copy the Full Page Form URL. When your customers click on the link, they'll be taken to your Work Request Form on its own page.

For the website-savvy, click Copy Code to copy the Embedded Form Code Snippet for you to embed on your website.

Thanks for your time! Please let us know if you have any questions :)

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