How do I use the Calendar?
Schedule and track appointments, send confirmations and reminders to customers, and more
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The Calendar allows you to view your shop schedule, filter your view, track approved and canceled appointments, and create appointments. We have a whole article on creating appointments. Check out the help article here.


To access the Calendar, click the Calendar icon from the left-side menu.

Click the ⚙ icon for the Calendar Settings menu to modify your Calendar's options. If you haven’t already, click the toggle to enable the New Calendar Experience. The rest of this article will explain the features of this new experience. If you’re looking for information on the old experience check out our Legacy Calendar Experience help article.


Appointments will show in different colors with the time, name of the customer, and name of the appointment displayed. Clicking on the appointment will show all of the appointment’s details including date & time, confirmation & reminder info, customer info, vehicle info, order info, and assigned Tech. You can also edit the details from here by clicking on the edit button. For more information on editing the appointment check out our help article.

The Today button will bring you back to the correct day from any date. The arrows will advance you forward or back based on the time set. So if you’re in the month view you’ll move one month at a time. Time Selector lets you choose how you’ll view your calendar.

  • Month view will display each appointment in that calendar month.

  • Week view will show all of your appointments broken down by day of the week. In this view, you’ll also be able to see the length of each appointment. The appointment will spread across the day based on how long the appointment is. So a one hour appointment will be shorter than a two hour appointment. You’ll also be able to see all-day appointments in their own row at the top.

  • Day view will show all of your appointments on the day. This view will also show you how long each appointment is, just like the Week view. Also just like the Week view, you’ll be able to see all-day appointments in their own row at the top.

The new appointment will let you create an appointment from the calendar page. You can set the Date & Time, Customer, Vehicle, Order, Assigned Technician, Confirmations, and Reminders from here. For more information on creating appointments check out our help article.

Click the ⚙ icon for the Calendar Settings menu to modify your Calendar. From here you can set when you want your calendar week to start, your shop’s working hours, and you can exclude Saturday and Sunday from showing.

Calendar Options

The Calendar options on the left give you more options to view and filter your calendar. You can collapse the options by clicking the arrow.

Calendar Views

The group by tech calendar view divides your calendar into columns and rows for each of your technicians. To enable it, just click the toggle button.

  • Week view shows each of your Techs as a row and each of the days of the week will be a column in the calendar.

  • Day view shows each of your Techs as a separate column in the calendar with the times displayed on the left.

  • Month view is not an option for the Group by Tech view.

To have Techs show in this view you’ll need to enable them in the user settings. In each user's Feature Permissions, you’ll see the option to Include in 'Group by Tech' View. With the toggle on, your Tech will show in a row or column in this view. With the permission off, your Tech will not show as a row or column when the view is enabled and they will be removed from the Technicians filter list. Note: This permission does not affect the Month view, so your Tech’s appointments will still show in Month view and when the Group by Tech view is turned off.

Appointment Colors

Your appointment colors will update how visible your appointments are when looking at your calendar.

“By Appointment” will show the color of your appointment based on your selection when creating your appointment. To learn more about creating appointments check out our help article.

“By Tech” will show each of your appointments with a different color for each Technician. These colors are automatically assigned and can not be changed. Unassigned appointments will always be grey.

“By Both” will show your appointments with both Appointment and Tech colors. The Tech color will show as the main color and the appointment color will show as the bar on the left edge of the appointment.


The Technicians list will allow you to show or hide appointments for each of your Techs. Each of your Techs will be displayed in the list and will be checked and visible by default. Unchecking a Tech will remove their appointments from the calendar view. You’ll also have the option to deselect all Techs or select all Techs at the bottom of the list.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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