Payment Receipts

You can print or send a digital receipt of any recorded payment. This includes in-person and online card payments through Shopmonkey Payments, as well as any recorded transactions through cash, check, card, or more.

1. On an invoice

While on an invoice, scroll down the right-side menu to the Payments section, and click on the desired payment. From the Payment Details menu, you can email or print the receipt:

You can email a receipt to more than one recipient if desired. Click into the Recipients field and start typing the customer name or email address, then select your customers from the drop-down menu: 

2. On Settings > Payments

If you are set up with Shopmonkey Payments, you can print or send receipts while viewing your recorded transactions.

Go to Settings > Payments, then click on the Transactions tab. To the far right of any transaction, click on the ... ellipsis (more actions) button, then click either Send Receipt or Print Receipt:

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