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How do I add Shop Supplies to estimates?
How do I add Shop Supplies to estimates?

Create No Cap and Order Cap fees to cover miscellaneous expenses on estimates and invoices

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Shop Supplies allow you to pass along the cost of miscellaneous parts, materials and services that you typically wouldn't bother itemizing.

Note that depending on the state your shop is located, you may be required to itemize all fees like this (in which case Shop Supplies are not recommended). Use at your discretion!

How to use Shop Supplies

To apply Shop Supplies to your estimate, go to Settings > General Settings and scroll down to the Fees & Rates section.

Based on your preferences, you can use shop supplies one of two ways:

1. No Cap:

This is best suited for those that don't want to set a maximum amount (or cap) on shop supplies for each estimate. This also allows you to set a Default Service Value as a percentage or dollar amount to be included with each service. This will either add a percentage of the parts and/or labor totals (depending on what you decide to include shop supplies on) or a flat dollar amount.

The shop supplies value can be edited as desired from within an estimate by clicking on Shop Supplies:

2. Order Cap:

This allows you to set a cap for shop supplies on an estimate. No matter how many services are included on an estimate, or how high the ticket total gets, your shop supplies will not exceed the dollar amount you set for your Order Level Cap. 

Set the Service Value as a percentage of the parts and/or labor totals (depending on your selections) for each service. This can only be set from General Settings when using an Order Cap. You can however enable or disable shop supplies on individual services by clicking Shop Supplies:

Now that your shop supplies settings have been confirmed, you will see them applied in any estimates you create moving forward. Note that any changes to shop supplies settings will not affect existing estimates or invoices, only newly created orders. This is to prevent changes from incorrectly impacting your historical orders.

It's also important to note that with the shop supplies cap setting on, shop supplies will only be applied from authorized services. Any services not authorized won't have the shop supplies included in the total.

Shop Supplies as seen from an estimate

Upon adding a service to an estimate, you will see a Shop Supplies amount included in the estimate's price breakdown: 

Shop supplies will not be present if your estimate doesn't contain at least one labor or part item, depending on your settings in the Fees & Rates section.

Canned Services

Shop supplies can also be adjusted within any of your canned services. When brought into an estimate, you can have shop supplies already set accordingly for that service. Any canned service created prior to changing your shop supplies settings will not reflect the updated settings. You will need to manually edit your canned services if you want them to have new shop supplies settings.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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