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How do I connect my Shopmonkey Payment reader?
How do I connect my Shopmonkey Payment reader?

Unbox and set up your Shopmonkey card reader in under 5 minutes! Connect your cables and register your payment terminal to Shopmonkey.

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Shopmonkey allows you to take In-Person payments using a Shopmonkey Payments card reader. Insert chip and swipe cards such as VISA and Mastercard, along with contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay, all facilitated within Shopmonkey for a smart, simple and integrated solution. If you're reconnecting the Verifone P400 model, please see the instructions here.

For questions related to pricing and rates for in-person payments, please see our pricing page.

Card Readers
If you would like card readers for in-person payments at your shop, please go to Settings > Payments > Readers, then click Order Now:

We are committed to make sure you are successfully setup and enabled to use your card reader. After coordinating shipping logistics and then receiving the reader, we will help you set up and process your first payments.

How do I set up my card reader?

Your card reader shipment includes 3 key components:

  1. Card reader

  2. Battery

  3. Power cable

You must have access to your internet router in order to set up the card reader.

Step 1: Remove the backing plate on the reader by turning the reader with the back facing up and lifting the backing plate from the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Take the battery from the box and insert with the bottom notch facing upward and reinstall the backing plate.

Step 3: Plug in your power cable to a nearby USB outlet. Hold down the power button to power on.

Step 4: Connect the card reader to the router through Wifi .

The reader must be connected to the same local network as your devices running Shopmonkey.

a) Connecting via WiFi

To connect to the internet using WiFi, follow the on-screen prompts. Select the network name and enter in your network password.

b) Updating Device

Once connected, in some cases it may ask you to update the device. Click the Update button to do so.

Step 5: After connecting and updating, wait a few minutes, the bootup screen will finish loading and display:

Once you see the screen above display on the reader, you can connect the reader to Shopmonkey.

How do I connect a reader to Shopmonkey?

Your reader must be connected to Shopmonkey before it can be used.

Start by navigating to Settings > Payments > Readers.

Click Register a Reader to begin the set up process.

  1. Turn the reader on and connect to the internet.
    See steps outlined above (How do I set up my card reader?)

  2. Enter the numerical sequence on the reader.

  3. Type the registration code into Shopmonkey.

After a successful connection, name the reader (e.g. Front of Shop) and click Save.

And that's it! Now when you take an in-person payment, you can kick off the payment for that reader.

Accepting payment in-person, over the phone, at your shop

When viewing the details of an order, click on the New Payment button to enter in payment information.

You have the option to collect payment with your in shop reader, charge online or choose another method such as cash or check.

Charge via Reader

Click Swipe a card to connect with your reader and collect payment from your customer. Your customers can pay by swiping/inserting their VISA/AMEX/Master cards or using contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Charge Online

Click Run a card manually to enter all the required card details for your customer, verify the required payment amount, and click the Charge button. Once the card has been verified and the payment is successful, the funds will be located in your payment account.

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