One of the first steps when building out an estimate is adding the customer.

  • If they are a first time customer, you will need to gather and input their contact information.

  • If they are a returning customer, you can easily search them by name, phone number, and email.

Note that you can add or import customers into Shopmonkey separately from any estimate, then add them to an estimate at a later time.

Add a new Customer

Within an estimate, click the Add New button in the Customer section:

Enter your customer's information, then click Save:

Entering your customer’s First Name and Last Name is required to save the information. It’s important to enter your customer’s phone number and email address, which are used for messaging. You can set their preferred contact method and primary contact information. For more information on preferred contacts and primary contact information check out our help article. You can also click the Show More link to enter additional customer information and turn on customer-specific toggles.

For more information related to customer fields, check out our article on Customer fields and toggles

Additionally, you can create a new customer by clicking the + button from any page within Shopmonkey, and then clicking Customer & Vehicle. From there, click on Add Customer and fill out the customer information then Save:

Prevent duplicate Customers

When creating a new customer, if the first and last name, email address, or phone number you enter matches that of an existing customer, you will be prompted with a warning indicating that the customer may already exist:

The matched customer can either be chosen, or the found match prompt can be ignored if the new customer is in fact a different customer.

Search and select a Customer on an estimate

Within an estimate, type in the Customer section to search.

You can search by first name, last name, email, and phone number. Select the customer to associate them on the estimate:

Customer Detail Page

A customer's detail page can be found by selecting a customer from the Customer List, or by clicking on the customer from an estimate and clicking the Go To Page button. From the customer's detail page, in addition to the customer's info, you can view all related estimates and service history, vehicles, appointments, and messages. Note: customers can also be associated with fleets.

You can also create statements of multiple invoices, record bulk payments, and review the bulk payments from the customer’s detail page. For more information on statements and bulk payments, check out our help article.

Import Customers

You can import customers into Shopmonkey separately from an estimate. Navigate to Lists > Customers, click on the ... ellipsis (more actions) button at the top-right of the page, and click Import.  Download the Excel file import template and fill out the information before importing into Shopmonkey.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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