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Track Hours with Time Clocks
Track Hours with Time Clocks

Manage employee time clocks, add and edit timesheets, manage user time clock permissions, and more

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Time Clocks

Time Clocks allow your employees to track time on specific services, as well as general hours they are working at the shop. This data helps answer common questions regarding time spent in the shop.

  • How many hours did someone work in a day, week, or month?

  • How many hours were general shop time compared to billable time on a customer invoice?

  • Did we take more or less time compared to the estimated labor hours authorized by the customer?

Understanding where your team's time is being spent is critical for maximizing your profitability.

View Time Clocks

Select the Time Clocks icon from the left-side navigation bar.

time clocks button in the left-side navigation to access time clocks page

The Time Clocks page is the primary page admins use for managing all employee time clocks and timesheets.

time clocks page

Users that have Time Tracking enabled in their permissions will see their own time clock on the page to clock in to. User roles and permissions manage access to time clocks and time clock features.

user permissions time clocks options

Track Shop Hours with Time Clocks

Track General Shop Time

From the time clocks page, select Clock In on your time card.

clock in on time clocks card

Track Time for a Specific Work Order

There are two ways to track time on a specific work order: from the time clocks page or from within the work order.

From Time Clocks Page

If you’re already clocked in on general shop time but want to clock in on a specific work order, select Switch on your time clock card. Select the dropdown menu to choose which order to clock in on.

Switch clocked in from general shop time to a specific work order

From Within a Work Order

From within a work order, select the Time Clocks tab. Select Switch. The dropdown menu will default to that work order.

Switch clocked in from general shop time to a specific work order from within the work order

Add Time Manually

Enter time manually from the Time Clocks page or within a work order. Select + Add Time Manually.

Add time manually button

When you add time manually, you can add Time In, Time Out, Duration, Technician, Work Order/Activity, and Notes. Select Save.

add time manually menu

Edit a Timesheet

Find the entry you’d like to edit on the Time Log at the bottom of the Time Clocks page. Select the … ellipsis on the entry, then select Edit. Make changes and select Save.

edit time sheet gif

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