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Add new users to your shop and archive users to remove their login

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Add Users to Your Shop

Select the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Select Users under the Account section on the left-hand side.

profile settings to upload shop logo

Select + Add New User to open up the New User menu.

add a new user to your shop

New User Menu

Add New User information and click Next.

fill out new user information and select next

Select User Role to change Permissions for this user and click Next.

No changes to permissions are available on the user level. Changes must be made in User Roles. Check out our help article User Roles & Permissions to learn more.

Add User Rates & Commission info and click Create. Check out our article User Rates & Commissions to learn more.

User rates and commissions menu

To edit User information, permissions, or rates & commissions, click on the user’s name in the list.

Edit user information by selecting the user

Archive Users

Please Note: The ability to archive or delete a user is only allowed by the account administrator.

Remove a user so that they no longer have access to log in to your shop.

Select the … ellipsis on the user you’d like to archive. Select Archive.

archive a user

An archived user is hidden from the Users page, and their login access is revoked, but they will remain associated with any past estimates, timesheets, etc. If you need this user reinstated for any reason, please contact Shopmonkey support.

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