How do I use Time Clocks?
Access time logs, add and edit time entries, manage technician permissions, and more
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Time Clocks allow your employees to track time on specific services, as well as generally for hours they are working at the shop. This is helpful for reporting and filtering on time log entries to understand the following information:

  • How many hours did someone work in a given day / week / month?

  • How many hours were general shop time vs. billable time on a customer invoice?

  • Did we take more or less time compared to the estimate labor hours charged to the customer?

Understanding where your team's time is being spent is critical for maximizing your business. Time Clocks are also available in the Shopmonkey for Techs App. For more info on the Shopmonkey for Techs App check out our help article.

Viewing Time Clocks

The Time Clocks tab is located on the left-side navigation.

Time Clocks is the primary area for managing all employee time clocks and time log entries across your shop:

Administrators can view all time clocks and tracked time from this area. In addition, admins can Clock In and Clock Out any users, or Add Time Manually as needed.

Technician viewing permissions are restricted, allowing the tech to be able to see only their tracked time and only clock themselves in and out of jobs.

How to provide access to Time Clocks

Access and visibility to certain areas of Shopmonkey are managed through permissions that administrators may change with a simple toggle.

You can provide users access to Time Clocks through the Settings > Users page.
From here, select the specific user to pull up their details, then locate the Time Clocks toggle:

Access and visibility to the Time Clocks tab for the specific user is controlled through the Time Clocks toggle.

Users that have Time Clocks enabled for them will have their own time clock. You can add and remove a time clock for a user through the Settings > Users page. Locate the Time Tracker toggle to add or remove their time clock:

How to enter Time Clock entries manually

If you do not want to track labor by clocking in and out, you can enter time manually. From the Time Clocks tab within an estimate, you can click Add Time Manually.

You can also manually enter time by clicking the + Add Time Manually button on the top-right of the Time Clocks tab. Entering time manually allows the Time In, Time Out, and Duration of labor to be tracked for an estimate or specific service.

You can toggle a user's ability to enter time manually by enabling the Add time manually permission:

How to edit an existing time entry

Using the Time Log on an estimate or from the Time Clocks tab, you can click the "Ellipses" icon located in the furthest column to the right in the Time Log to edit the time entry:

The Edit Timesheet menu will appear, where you can change the Technician, Activity, Time In/Time Out, Duration, and even add a Note:

How to add/remove a Time Clock for a user

Users that have Time Clocks enabled for them will appear on the Time Clocks tab.

You can add and remove a Time Clock for a user through the Settings > Users page.

From the Users tab, select the specific user to pull up their details, then locate the Time Tracker toggle to add or remove their Time Clock.

Time Clocks on an estimate

When on a specific estimate, a tech can clock in and out of any service from the Estimate > Time Clocks page. Similar to the Time Clocks tab, from here, admins can also clock in and out any technicians.

This is a great way to keep track of time while in context of the specific service and estimate.

Technician Reports

There are three reports within Shopmonkey you can utilize in regards to tracking time. They can be found by navigating to the Reports tab from the left side navigation, and can all be adjusted to view data from a specified time period:

  • The Time Log report displays all time entries with information about the technician, activity, customer and vehicle.

  • The Summary by Technician report totals the hours tracked for all technicians, and includes their rate and the total hours billed for the services they worked. This is a great way to see the aggregated hours across the shop, and how time tracking compares to hours billed.

  • The Services by Tech report shows you all services each technician has worked on, including the corresponding invoiced hours for each service.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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