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How do I save items to inventory from an order?
How do I save items to inventory from an order?
Add parts, tires, labor, or fees from orders to your inventory
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You can save a part, tire, or labor item in your service to your inventory, including items from canned services. The following example explains how to add a part to your inventory, though the same procedure can be followed for tires and labor items.

While in an estimate, click on a part, then scroll to the bottom of the right-side menu that appears. Click Add Part To Inventory.

A prompt will appear asking you to enter a quantity. Enter the quantity of the part you want added to your Inventory, then click Add To Inventory:

This part is now added to your parts list in your Inventory! It is also now searchable from within an estimate so you can add it to any service:

Note: you can also search for inventory items in canned services as well.

When an inventory item is added to a service, it will keep its saved information and settings. Additionally, once an estimate containing an inventory item is converted to an invoice, the item's quantity in your Inventory will be reduced by the quantity included on the estimate.

Try it out

With Shopmonkey you can quickly add parts, tires, labor, or fees from any estimate. Try it out in your shop!

We hope this helps you run, understand, and grow your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way!

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