Shopmonkey: How do I use Parts in Shopmonkey?

Learn how to add, edit, and update parts in Shopmonkey

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You’ll find your Parts in Shopmonkey Inventory next to your tires, labor, and other Inventory items. For Information on your Shopmonkey Inventory check out this help article.

From your Inventory, you’ll see a list of all parts in your shop.

At the top of the list, you can click on the search bar and start typing to find the specific part you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to filter your parts and can add or remove columns in the list by using the column dropdown on the top right.

You can also export your list of parts using the Export button. This will download the list in a .xlsx format so you can use it in another application and open the spreadsheet to make edits.


Different columns of information will display including part name, description, number, pricing information and more. These columns can be added or removed from the column dropdown in the top right corner.

There are four different columns that keep track of parts in your shop Available, Reserved, On Estimate, and On Hand quantities.

  • Available: This number shows the amount of the inventory item you have left after all reservations. This is On Hand minus the number of reserved parts.

  • Reserved: This number shows the amount of parts that are reserved on estimates. These have been set aside specifically for those estimates.

  • On Estimates: This number shows the amount of parts that are added to estimates. These have not been reserved.

  • On Hand: This number shows the total quantity of the specific part in your inventory. Think of it as the total number of parts you have in your shop.

Reserved Parts

With Reserved parts, you can hold parts for specific estimates, release the parts to make them available to other customers, and track how many reserved parts are in your shop. Check out the details of reserved parts in our help article.

New Part

To add a new part just click the Add Part button in the top right. This will open the New Part window. From here, you can enter the information for the part. Below is a list of part information:

  • Part Image - Upload a photo of the part and save it to visually reference the part

  • Part Name - Name of the part

  • Part Number - The part number is usually the one issued by the part manufacturer

  • Description - Any description that you would like to add.

  • Quantity - Amount of part in stock

  • Critical Quantity - The level at which a reorder status will be added to the part.

  • Vendor - The Vendor of the part. Parts can only have on Vendor.

  • Bin/Location - The location of the part at your shop.

  • Category - The Shopmonkey Inventory Category is set here. For more information on Inventory Categories, check out our help article.

  • Pricing Matrix - Select a Pricing Matrix to automatically adjust Markup or Margin. For more information, check out our Pricing Matrix article.

  • Cost - The amount your shop paid for the part.

  • Retail - The amount your shop will sell the part for.

  • Markup - The percentage you would like added to the cost of the part.

  • Margin - The percentage of the cost that you would like the retail to become.


The flags at the bottom of the New Part window allow you to set special rules for when the part is added to an order. Below is the list of flags available.

  • Should this be taxed? - When the toggle is on the part will be taxed using the tax rate setup in your General Settings. When the toggle is off the part will be considered Non-taxable and tax won’t be calculated for the part. For more information on taxes check out our help article.

  • Display part number on estimate & invoice - When this toggle is on the part number will show in the customer’s copy of an estimate & invoice. When it is toggled off the part number won’t show to the customer.

  • Display price and quantity on estimate & invoice - When this toggle is on the price and quantity will show in the customer’s copy of an estimate & invoice. When it is toggled off the price and quantity won’t show to the customer.

  • Display description on estimate & invoice - When this toggle is on the part description will show in the customer’s copy of an estimate & invoice. When it is toggled off the part description won’t show to the customer.

Inventory Activity Tracking

You can view the activity history for your parts. Each time a change is made to a part it will be recorded. While you’re updating a part you can also add a note to give context for the change. Just look for the note field to appear in the Activity list.

Upload Inventory

You can also upload parts using an import template. You can find more information on import templates in our help article.

Edit or Delete

To edit any information on a part, just click the ellipsis on a part in the list and click edit. Then make any changes and click the Save button.

To Delete a part, just click the checkbox and the red delete button will appear. Click the delete button to remove the part from the list.

Note: Deleted parts will show in your Deleted Items. For more information on Deleted Items check out our help article.

Try it out

With your parts in Shopmonkey, you can keep track of the details, update, and add them as you need. Try it out in your shop!

We hope this helps you run, understand, and grow your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way!

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