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Where do I start?
What should I do first when getting started with Shopmonkey?
What should I do first when getting started with Shopmonkey?

Create a smooth transition and set your shop up for success by customizing your shop settings and practicing the basics of Shopmonkey

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What can I do in Shopmonkey?

Take a look at the process from creating a quote to collecting payment and archiving the order.

How do I set my shop up for success?

Set your team up for a smooth transition into Shopmonkey by Customizing Your Shop Settings, learning some Shopmonkey Basics, and encouraging your team to check out Shopmonkey Academy.

Customize Your Shop Settings

Customize your settings to help your team have a smooth transition into using Shopmonkey and spend more time focusing on your customers.

Settings allow you to manage key details about your shop, including Company Info, Logo, Vehicle Settings, Fees & Rates, and Document Headers & Footers. Configuring this information will also ensure that the appropriate tax and labor rates are used for your estimates and that your shop's information is shown properly in quotes and invoices.

Shopmonkey Basics

Learn how to create estimates with customer and vehicle information, customize digital vehicle inspections and inspection templates, schedule appointments, and other everyday functions you'll need to know!

Shopmonkey Academy

We want you and your entire team to feel confident using Shopmonkey. We recommend encouraging your team to check out Shopmonkey Academy for easy self-paced training.

No matter your role in the shop, we have short videos and lessons to quickly learn what you need to know.

Shopmonkey Academy can be found in the help center

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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