Shopmonkey: How do I perform Inspections in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?

Use the app to select the inspection status and add notes, photos, and videos to Inspections

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Perform vehicle inspections directly from your Shopmonkey for Techs App. Just like the Shopmonkey on your computer, you’ll be able to mark the inspection status, add photos & video, and add notes. You’ll also be able to do new things like mark up photos to point your customers to what you’re seeing. Use the information below to get the most out of the inspections feature in the Shopmonkey for Techs App.


You’ll be able to see Inspections under the order information. If there aren’t any inspections on the order, you can add them by tapping the add inspection button. The list of available inspection templates will appear, and you can just tap the one you want to add.

With an inspection on an order, just tap the inspection to get started. You’ll see the inspection status options at the top. Underneath that, you will be able to quickly see all photos and videos. Then you will see the list of inspection items to complete.

When you tap an inspection item, it will open up. From here, you can tap a status to mark it and tap the notes section to enter in any important information. Tap the plus in the photo section to open the camera. From here, you can take a picture or video of the inspected item.

If you need to bring attention to a specific item in the picture, you can edit it. Once added to the inspection, you can use the editing tools to draw lines, add text, add arrows, and crop the photo. Use the arrow at the bottom of the inspection items to quickly move to the next or go back to the previous.

Try it out

Check out the Shopmonkey for Techs App, and use it to mark inspection statuses, take notes, take photos and video, and more. Take a look at the full Shopmonkey for Techs App information in this help article.

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