Built specifically for technicians, the Shopmonkey for Techs mobile app includes workflow tracking, license plate and VIN scanning, Time Clocks, Diagrams & Procedures as well as digital vehicle inspections and to-do lists. Easily see what labor has been assigned to you and others, track progress as work is completed, and stay in sync with the Shopmonkey.


To log in, first, open the app. Then enter your Shopmonkey email and password then tap Login. If your shop uses Sign in with Google tap the corresponding option and follow the authentication steps that follow.


After you’re logged in you’ll see the home screen for the app displaying the Dashboard view. This will be your starting spot each time you open the app. From here you can see the current day of the week and the different features of the app. Like the time clock, your to-dos, the orders assigned to you, the scanning tool, the ability to switch from the Dashboard view to the Workflow view, the search button, and the User Menu.

User Menu

If you tap on your initials in the top left of the screen, you’ll be taken to the User Menu. From here, you can see your login information, reach out for support, log out of the app, see your time clock entries, and review other app details.

Support Chat will give you access to all of Shopmonkey’s support options. You can send a message to our amazing support team, look up help articles and videos, access training courses, and submit feedback for improvements.


Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top to search for an order. Search by vehicle, customer name, work order number, work order name, and more to bring up results. Just tap any result to open the order.

Time Clocks

Setup [Admin Only]

To set this up for your techs you’ll need to go to the web app settings. From Settings, go to users and click on the user you want to give access to mobile time tracking. Click on Time Tracking to view the options for the user.

  • Web Access - This gives your tech the ability to track time through the main Shopmonkey web app.

  • Mobile Access - This gives your tech the ability to clock in through the Shopmonkey for techs app.

  • Location Sharing - The Location Sharing check gives you location information for your techs when they Clock In and Clock Out. With this turned on you’ll be able to track if a tech clocked in from the shop and how far away they were when it happened. You can find these on the Web app when you’re viewing their time logs.

In-App Time Clock

When you Clock In you’ll be prompted to allow the app to use your location. When you see this make sure you see “Precise On” and tap “Allow while using the app”. This will make sure time clock tracking is accurately recorded.

Before you clock in you’ll see your clocked time for the week in green and in gray, you’ll see the time clocked for Invoiced orders this week.

To Clock In tap the “Clock In” button at the top of the dashboard. The activity will be set to General by default, but you can tap Activity to see a list of work orders. Tap a work order to open then tap Select. Or from the order, tap a service and tap Select to clock into it. With a work order or service selected tap Clock In.

As your time is tracking you’ll see the current activity time. You’ll also see the Time tracker progress ring filling. The ring will track time and fill at 8hrs.

To Clock out tap the stop button. Make sure the correct activity is selected. You can change the activity to record your time under that new activity. Tap in the note field to type any comments about the time tracked then tap Clock Out to record the time.

Note: Clock out of any work order or service before starting a new one. Then use the above steps to clock into each next task.

View your time clock entries in the app by tapping the User menu then tap Time Log to view your time for today, yesterday, or later. Tapping on time tracked on an order will take you to that order.

My To Do List

My To Do List will show you how many services you have assigned and your percentage to complete them. Tap on it to see a list of all inspections and services assigned to you grouped by order. The list will be sorted by newest work orders at the top, but you can tap the filter and narrow down the list by Authorization status, Estimate, Invoice, or by label. Items are removed from My To Do List when the related work order is archived.

My Orders

My Orders will show you the orders assigned to you. The orders will be sorted by Newest Job with the most recent work order at the top. You can change the order they are shown by tapping the sort filter and selecting Oldest Authorized, Newest Authorized, Oldest Job, or keep Newest Job for the sort.

Anytime you see an order, you’ll see the order number, name, customer, and vehicle displayed. You can tap on it to open it and see the details.

  • Vehicle Info - From the Vehicle Info you can view and edit details on the vehicle record. You can also view and update Mileage In and Mileage out. You can add notes, and if your subscription has access to Carfax you can view the Carfax info for the vehicle. You can also change or remove the vehicle from the work order.

  • Customer Info - From the Customer Info you can view and edit customer information. You can also change or remove the vehicle from the work order.

  • Workflow Status - This will show you which Workflow status the order is currently in. Tap it to move the order to a new workflow. These correspond to the Workflow Columns in the Shopmonkey web app.

  • Comments and notes - This will show customer comments and any recommendations that you would like the customer to see from their estimate or invoice.

  • Fluids and Specs - If your subscription has access to Motor, you’ll have access to vehicle-specific information like Fluids and Specs. Tap it to see a Quick Reference for the most commonly used vehicle information. You’ll also see a complete list under More Info. Tap to see the details for Fluids, Filters, Wipers, and Battery Size.


You’ll be able to see Inspections under the order information. If there aren’t any inspections on the order, you can add them by tapping the add inspection button. The list of available inspection templates will appear, and you can just tap the one you want to add.

With an inspection on an order, just tap the inspection to get started. You’ll see the inspection status options at the top. Underneath that, you will be able to quickly see all photos and videos. Then you will see the list of inspection items to complete.

When you tap an inspection item, it will open up. From here, you can tap a status to mark it and tap the notes section to enter in any important information. Tap the plus in the photo section to open the camera. From here, you can take a picture or video of the inspected item.

If you need to bring attention to a specific item in the picture, you can edit it. Once added to the inspection, you can use the editing tools to draw lines, add text, add arrows, and crop the photo. Use the arrow at the bottom of the inspection items to quickly move to the next or go back to the previous.


Under Services, you’ll see each of the services that need to be completed and the labor items in the services that can be checked off when the work is done.

Tapping on the service will open it and show each of the labor items and all of the parts that are needed for the service. You can tap on the labor item to see labels, additional information like assigned tech, estimated time to complete, any notes, for that labor item. When the job is done, you can tap the check box next to the labor item to mark it complete. You can tap on a part or tire to see the details or add any notes.

Diagrams & Procedures

If your shop’s subscription includes Diagrams & Procedures you’ll find them in the Labor Item info. Tap Diagrams & Procedures to see a list of Components & Diagrams, Specs, Procedures, Wiring, and Bulletins. Then tap each one to open them and select from the list to view the info.


The scanner icon at the bottom will take you to Shopmonkey’s scanning tool. This will use your device’s camera to scan VINs and license plates. When opening it for the first time make sure you allow the app to use your camera.

  • VIN Code: Use the VIN Code scanner to enter the VIN from the barcode on the vehicle information.

  • VIN Plate: Use the VIN Plate scanner to automatically enter the VIN from the plate on the vehicle just inside the windshield. Review the entered VIN, then tap Lookup.

  • License Plate: Use the License Plate scanner to enter the license plate information. Select the correct state from the drop-down menu, then tap Lookup.

Tip: The more light the better. If you can, scan in a well-lit area. For more light, use the flashlight icon in the scanner to turn on your device’s light.

After scanning the vehicle, you’ll be able to see any work orders that you have access to for that vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t have any orders in Shopmonkey, you’ll be able to create a new estimate. With the order created, your Service Writers will be able to complete the estimate for the customer and make any assignments needed, or you can add an inspection template and start working right away.


When you log in to the app your home screen will be the Dashboard view, but you can switch to a Workflow view. Tap the workflow icon to see a workflow status list. Each of these represents a workflow column in the Shopmonkey Web app. Tap on a status to see the work orders in that status.

Thanks for checking out the article on how to use the Shopmonkey for Techs iOS app. We have several other exciting features for the mobile app coming out soon! We hope the article was helpful.

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