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How do I view and add aftermarket parts?
How do I view and add aftermarket parts?

Search for aftermarket parts next to OEM parts, add aftermarket part numbers automatically, and customize to show your favorite brands.

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If your shop’s subscription has access to MOTOR for service guides and parts, you can have aftermarket parts added to your services. You’ll be able to customize which parts show and add those parts with those specific part numbers to your services.

As a general rule with MOTOR, you will see information for vehicles that were manufactured from 1990-present and cost less than $150,000 and/or have annual production in the U.S market greater than 1,500 units. Exceptions to the rule are occasionally made at MOTOR's discretion

Preferred Part Brands

To control if this feature is turned on for your shop and which brands will show as compatible options, go to Settings > General Settings > Preferred Part Brands. Compatible aftermarket part suggestions are enabled by default, but if you would like to disable the feature, just toggle off the selection.

All available brands will automatically show for any qualifying part, but you can customize what is displayed if you prefer certain brands to show. Click the Edit Brands button to see the full list of brands. To hide a brand from your list, click the red minus symbol to the right of its name. To add it back to the list, scroll down to Excluded Brand and click the blue plus button. The list will display alphabetically, but you can order them to show how you’d like by dragging and dropping them.

Adding Compatible Parts

Easily add the preferred part with the part number to your services while adding the service from the service guides and to each part line item as needed.

Service Guides

To add a compatible part from the service guides, find the service you would like to add. Before adding the service, you’ll see a button for Compatible Options. Click Compatible Options to see suitable parts from your list of preferred brands. Click on any part in the list to add it to the service with its specific part number. Now when you add this service to your work order it will have the labor and parts that you want.

Line Item

To add a compatible part as a line item to a service, start typing the description of the part. You’ll notice Shopmonkey show you items in your inventory, and in addition, you’ll see parts from your preferred vendors displayed below. Just click on the part to add it with its part number to the service.

You may notice parts that match the search but are not compatible with the vehicle. In that case, you can just click the toggle to “show compatible options only.” This will filter out any parts that won’t fit the vehicle you are servicing.

Technician View

Techs will also be able to view part information for preferred brands. In the Technician View, when viewing the vehicle information, the Tech can expand vehicle specifications to see part information. They will see the button for Compatible Options. Clicking on Compatible Options will show the tech the same list of brands that have been customized for the shop.

Aftermarket Parts in the Shopmonkey for Techs App

You’ll be able to see the same list of parts from the Technician View in the Shopmonkey for Techs App. When viewing the order on the Shopmonkey for Techs App, just tap on Fluids and Specs, then tap Filters, Wipers, and Battery Size to see the OEM part information next to Aftermarket parts. Click More Compatible Parts to see a list of all of your preferred vendors. For more information on the Shopmonkey for Techs App, check out our help article.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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