Shopmonkey: How do I procure tires using ATD or NTD?

Set up tire services with Shopmonkey to easily browse tire availability and compare prices

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Shopmonkey Genius level subscriptions and above can connect to ATD (American Tire Distributors in the United States) or NTD (National Tire Distributors in Canada). This article will also show you how to quickly set up your tire services and will explain how you can search and order tires directly from Shopmonkey.

If you do not have ATD/NTD account credentials at this time, you will need to set up an account before continuing. You can sign up for an account at or

Once you have your account, reach out to our support team to get it connected. Shopmonkey and ATD will work together to connect the account. This is a one-time activity and generally takes 24-48 hours to complete. The functionality described below will not be available until this access has been granted by ATD.

Please provide the following information to our support team to initiate the process.

DBA Name (Shop name in ATD):

ATD Customer #:

ATD Location # (if available):

Full address w/ zip:


Shopmonkey makes it easy to create services when using the ATD integration. To set up standard labor, parts, & fees, go to Settings > Parts Procurement > ATD and click Set up. After you set up your standard labor, parts, & fees Shopmonkey will quickly create services when you order through ATD.

A new window will open where you can customize your tire service. A prebuilt tire service allows you to make changes to quickly make it your own. Like other services in Shopmonkey, you can add Parts, Labor, Subcontracts, Fees, and more! For more information about creating services, check out our help article.

A unique feature for this setup is the ability to choose how each line item will be calculated. Click on the dropdown in the Type column to select if the line item will be calculated Per Tire, Per Service, % of Tire, or % or Service.

After saving your changes, the setup is complete. With this set up, your services will be created automatically when ordering through Shopmonkey’s integration with ATD.

Procuring Tires

To start ordering, go to the Parts Procurement tab on the order. Then click Open ATD. If your vehicle is linked in Shopmonkey, you’ll notice a list of tires already appropriate for the vehicle you’re servicing. This is based on the search feature that has the option of Size or Part, Car Plate, VIN, or Model, but the VIN of the vehicle will automatically be entered in this search. If the vehicle you are servicing is not linked, use this search feature to find tires. For more information on linked vehicles check out our help article.

The filter on the left will let you narrow down the list to find the tires you’re looking for. Filter by Size, Brand, Retail Price, Availability, Warranty, Speed Rating, Season, Type, or Product Flag.

In the list of tires, you’ll see the name, size ,and the other tire details that you can filter by. You’ll also see the different prices displayed.

FET - Federal excise tax.

Cost - The price your shop pays. If you’re showing this to your customer, you can hide the cost by clicking the hide icon in the top right.

Retail - The price your customer pays

Installed - The price your customer pays for the full service.

Use the dropdown to select how many of the tires you want to order, then click add to cart.

You can review your order by clicking on Cart at the top of the screen. From the cart, you can review the tires you’ve ordered, see the cost summary, and even review the service info by clicking on Installed. The PO Number will have the Shopmonkey invoice number automatically added. For example, if the invoice number were 1035, the PO Number would be SM1035. You can edit the PO Number if needed. If you’re ready to order, just click Place Order, then click the x in the top left to go back to the Parts Procurement tab in Shopmonkey.

When you open the Services tab, you’ll notice the tire service is already created using the parts, labor, and fees from your setup, and the tires ordered through ATD.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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