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How do I use Time Clocks in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?
How do I use Time Clocks in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?

Clock in, switch to different activities, and clock out from the app

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With the Shopmonkey for Techs App, you can track your time just like Shopmonkey on your computer. From the app, you’ll be able to clock in, switch to different activities, and clock out. Use the information below to get the most out of the time clocks feature in the Shopmonkey for Techs App.

Time Clocks

Setup [Admin Only]

To set this up for your techs you’ll need to go to the web app settings. From Settings, go to users and click on the user you want to give access to mobile time tracking. Click on Time Tracking to view the options for the user.

  • Web Access - This gives your tech the ability to track time through the main Shopmonkey web app.

  • Mobile Access - This gives your tech the ability to clock in through the Shopmonkey for techs app.

  • Location Sharing - The Location Sharing check gives you location information for your techs when they Clock In and Clock Out. With this turned on you’ll be able to track if a tech clocked in from the shop and how far away they were when it happened. You can find these on the Web app when you’re viewing their time logs.

In-App Time Clock

When you Clock In you’ll be prompted to allow the app to use your location. When you see this make sure you see “Precise On” and tap “Allow while using the app”. This will make sure time clock tracking is accurately recorded.

Before you clock in you’ll see your clocked time for the week in green and in gray, you’ll see the time clocked for Invoiced orders this week.

To Clock In tap the “Clock In” button at the top of the dashboard. The activity will be set to General by default, but you can tap Activity to see a list of work orders. Tap a work order to open then tap Select. Or from the order, tap a service and tap Select to clock into it. With a work order or service selected tap Clock In.

As your time is tracking you’ll see the current activity time. You’ll also see the Time tracker progress ring filling. The ring will track time for a service using the quoted hours and fill when those hours are clocked. So if a service takes one and a half hours, then the ring will fill when one and a half hours are clocked for that service. General hours will track and fill at eight hours.

To switch your time to a different activity, tap the stop button, tap in the note field to add any comments, then tap Switch. Next, select a new activity to switch to and tap Switch to start tracking the time in that activity. To clock out, tap the stop button, then tap Clock out.

You can also clock in from an order. Tap on any order, and you’ll see the time clock at the bottom. Tap Clock In and take the same steps mentioned above to select an activity. To switch time from an order, tap the arrow button at the bottom to bring up the time clock options. Then follow the steps above to switch to a new activity. To clock out from an order, tap the arrow button at the bottom to bring up the time clock options, then tap Clock out.

View your time clock entries in the app by tapping the User menu then tap Time Log to view your time for today, yesterday, or later. Tapping on time tracked on an order will take you to that order.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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