How do I restore Deleted Items?
Find and filter through Deleted Items to quickly restore them as needed
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Get access to deleted orders, canned services, inspection templates, and inventory items when you need them, and restore them back to where they came from.

Access to Deleted Items

Access to deleted items is enabled for all Admin users. To find Deleted Items, go to Settings > Deleted Items. Service Writers and Technician users will not see the Deleted Item setting.

Managing Deleted Items

From the Deleted Items page, you’ll start by seeing deleted orders, and you'll be able to see who deleted orders in the Deleted column. You’ll be able to view different deleted items, like deleted canned services, inspection templates, inventory parts, inventory tires, inventory labor, and inventory fees, by using the tabs at the top.

Each list will show you all of the deleted items. You can use the search bar to find the item you’re looking for, or you can filter any list by using the + Add Filter button. Just click it and select how you would like to filter the list. You can also sort the list with the column headers to help you find what you’re looking for.

Once you find the deleted item you’re looking for, you can click the ellipsis button for the option to restore it back from where it was deleted.

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