How do I set up a Labor Matrix?
Optimize your labor profits by setting up a labor matrix and standardizing your labor markup
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Labor matrices enable you to automatically set your labor markup so you can maximize your profit without the hassle of manually adjusting your rates or hours.

The labor matrix will add a multiplier to the labor hour quantity based on your defined matrix ranges. You can have your labor matrix multiplier affect the labor hours by a certain amount, resulting in an increased hour quantity. Or, you can multiply the labor rate by a certain amount, keeping your labor hour quantity the same but increasing your labor rate.

Creating a Labor Matrix

To add a new labor matrix, navigate to the Labor Matrix page via Settings > Labor Matrix and click the New Matrix button. Note that you can choose to create a Hours Labor Matrix or a Rate Labor Matrix, depending on what you would like your multipliers to affect:

You can edit a matrix's title, set it to your default matrix, either add, edit, or remove ranges, and adjust Hours and Multiplier values:

To export or delete a matrix, click the respective button:

Change your Default Matrix at any time by choosing from a list of your saved matrices:

Any new labor line item you add to an estimate or canned service after selecting a Default Matrix will have that labor matrix applied.

Note: any labor item within a canned service that was created prior to changing your Default Matrix will not update to the new default. Make sure to update and save the labor matrix assigned to your canned service's labor items as needed.

Utilizing a Labor Matrix on a service

From within an order, you can click on any labor line item to verify and edit which labor matrix is applied, along with the Rate or Hour multiplier:

Note: any update made to a labor matrix will not update any labor items already included in a service. If you click on a labor line item in a service and see the prompt "The matrix has been updated", you can click on the Update to latest text to update the pricing:

To view a breakdown of how a labor matrix is affecting your labor item, you can click See breakdown from the right-side panel:

Utilizing a Labor Matrix on a customer or fleet

You can set a labor matrix for a customer or fleet to override your default setting. Adding the customer to an estimate will automatically apply their labor matrix. Their pricing matrix will override any other pricing matrices.

To give a customer a labor matrix override, click on the customer from within an order. Then click Edit > Show More, and then scroll down and turn the labor matrix override toggle on. Select the desired labor matrix, then click Save:

You can also access a customer's labor matrix override toggle from the customer's page (clicking on a customer from the Lists > Customers page), and when creating a new customer.

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