If you need to edit the information of a posted payment, or remove the payment entirely:

  1. Navigate to the invoice the payment was posted on:

  2. View the Payments section on the right side of the page:

  • Click on the payment you wish to edit or delete.

  • To edit, modify the desired values and click the Update button to save your changes:

  • Alternatively, click Delete at the top of the menu, then confirm the deletion to remove the payment:

Refunding a posted payment with Shopmonkey Payments

If you have Shopmonkey Payments setup, you will have the ability to refund payments accepted via card reader or via online charge. To do this, click on a posted payment, and you will see the following:

Click Refund, then set the refund amount, the reason for the refund, and add a note if desired. Click the Refund button to finalize the refund.

Note: When processing a refund for a Canadian debit card, the card must be physically present, and the process requires the use of a card reader. Refunds for Canadian debit cards will not automatically process without taking these steps.

Your customer can expect to see funds in their account in approximately 5-10 days.

For information on how refunds work with QuickBooks check out our help article.

Restrict Editing

If you need to restrict the editing of payments you can update access in the user settings. From Settings > User Settings select the user and in the Workflow & Order settings uncheck Edit Payments.

For information on Shopmonkey Payments, please see the article here.

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